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Long Nights.


Anonymous asked: do you have any advice for opening up to people? just in general. im very shy and its so daunting for me


i’m still working on this, so i don’t know if i’m the best to ask!  probably running this blog and becoming more in-tune with what makes the caverns of my heart vibrate amidst a community of the mostly very accepting and magical, queer, witchy creatures of the tumblrverse helped me a lot.  the more you understand and like yourself in a comfortable setting like this, the more confidence and interests you will develop, and then the more you will be willing to share in other aspects of your life.  and getting positive affirmation on here that i am not alone, not the only one struggling, not a singular dysfunctional alien-oid, has made me want to open up more to people.  so just take baby steps.  try opening up a bit to someone you trust online, try asking a coworker or a fellow student a few questions on a subject that interests you, try talking to the quiet old man sitting at the bus stop, try sharing something personal with a close friend or sibling or cousin… there’s no rush, just open up one petal at a time, whatever feels comfortable to you!

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Anonymous asked: what are some of your favourite things to do?


Be alone and read or write, workout, go for walks at night, cook, draw, explore new parts of the city, drink coffee and speculate- any activity that makes me balanced really. And one that doesn’t involve people. I’m so tired of humans.